MythWar Online

MythWar Online

Get ready for a mythological battle online

Myth War Online is a fantasy-themed MMORPG based on the magical era. Four classes of species exist, the Human, the Centaur, the Mage and the Borg.

What is exceptional about this MMORPG is the way the graphics are rendered. Instead of the usual 3D graphics that we see now in many games, we are experiencing a wave of nostalgia from the beautiful hand-painted 2D graphics.

Combining the powerful visual element of the game along with solid game play is the ultimate elixir for creating a long lasting ultra playable multi-player game. The maps are huge and detailed and the game is so in-depth that individual characters can possess over 200 skill sets!

Apart from the usual fighting scenarios, players can also have the option to play political mind games to amass power or destroy their enemies. The vastness of this game will definitely thrill hardcore MMORPG gamers right now who have seem to hit the limit with current games.

ATB System

Usually, battles in online games are all real-time or turn-based. Myth War combines these both and uses the ATB fighting system, meaning: player's turns and moves are controlled differently by each other, the ATB system is active throughout the whole battle, depending on each player's statistics, turns are determined by it, thus players can actively change commands depending on the battle situation.

Making use of the Country / Kingdom system

A country/kingdom is the proof of strength and power in Myth War. Sustaining a country/kingdom requires supports from lots of players who are willing to sacrifice and play a role for the survival.

Master and Apprentice System

Myth War has a newbie helping system called the 'master and apprentice' system, higher level players are able to help newbies in exchange for gold and experience points. This is a system which benefits both parties involved.

Rumour System

There is a saying that goes "Once a lie is spoken by 100 people, it becomes a reality". In Myth War, players are able to make such a thing come true. Rumours are able to materialize to become the truth. It is a way to let players make a name for themselves and at the same time, get specific rewards.

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MythWar Online


MythWar Online

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